Product Recommendations for Self-Fertility Massage 

Please note that product prices may vary. 

Hot Water Bottle Recommendations 

Home Top Premium Classic Rubber Hot or Cold Water Bottle with Soft Fleece Cover (2 liters, Purple/Gray Polka Dot) $14.99

This is the exact one that I use and I love it. In addition to using it for self-fertility massage, I also use it at night while I sleep to keep my feet warm.

Hexane Free Castor Oil Recommendations

Wool or Cotton Flannel Cloth Recommendations 

These can be re-used up to 30 times.

The below kit contains everything you need plus towelettes for cleaning the castor oil after use. 

Fertility Massage Oil 

This fertility massage oil is a special blend of essential oils specific for fertility. This massage oil blend can be purchased by clicking here.

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