Spirituality, Balanced Living, and You

Some people go around in life and don't ever give their spirituality a second thought. Other people put a lot of emphasis on it and spend their entire lives developing it. Spirituality is a broad concept and has many different definitions, ideas, perspectives, methods of implementation and practice. But what exactly is spirituality?

Before I answer that let me tell you what it is not.

Spirituality is not religion.

While many people will use religion to further develop and connect to their spirituality, religion is not spirituality.

It is not emotional well-being.

Also, it is not emotional well being. Even though you develop a wonderful sense of emotional well-being and transcendent feelings such as love (for yourself and others), compassion (for yourself and others), respect (for yourself and others), gratitude, inspiration and many other wonderful transcendent feelings and emotions that is not what it is.

A simple definition for spirituality is that it is your sense of connection with a higher power. People connect to a higher power through many different means. Their higher power might be God or it might be the universe. How they connect is very important to developing their spirituality and that sense of emotional well-being. It can be done through prayer, mediation, walking on the beach to connect to the world and environment around you, or simply by getting somewhere quiet for five minutes to think and ask yourself deep questions about the meaning of life.

So why is spirituality important to leading a balanced life?

Certainly, if you have a developed spirituality, as I've already mentioned, your emotional well being will be so much better than if you don't. This developed spirituality also gives you the ability to really evaluate and prioritize the important things in life. Connecting to a higher power can give you a greater sense of purpose and lead you to fulfilling your purpose. Can you see why spirituality is important to a balanced life?

Moving forward, my website will have resources to help you develop your spirituality in whichever manner you see fit. Through...


Meditation Prayer

And more!

Myself? My higher power is God and I connect to Him through prayer, through doing good deeds, and through spiritual songs. I also love yoga, meditation, being quiet and being around people of like minded beliefs. Another method in which I develop my spirituality and you might too, is by focusing on my inner self. Am I kind? Compassionate? Patient? Respectful of others?

There are many ways to develop your spirituality and connect to a Higher Power. How do you develop yours? How do you connect? Do you have spiritual goals? Are you happy with your spirituality? How does your spirituality give you a more balanced life? Please comment below. I'm interested.

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Remember, my goal in life is to serve and help you lead a more balanced life, to live YOUR NEXT BEST LIFE.

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