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A balanced life is so much easier to attain when you feel healthy and strong. This page is dedicated to helping you discover a balanced approach to your health. 

The Healthy Living Personal Program

As a certified holistic health coach I am 100% invested in helping you discover a healthy lifestyle that best suits your life. Through mentoring and support I can help you achieve your goals for healthy living whether they are diet, weight loss, or fertility related. 

The Healthy Living Personal program is one in which you receive one on one coaching to help you attain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Sessions begin with an initial consultation in which we look at your current lifestyle from a holistic perspective. From there we will develop an action plan and steps for achieving your goals. Sessions are held via zoom or google hangouts, during which I provide notes, action steps and 'homework' for your benefit. I can help you achieve real results. Schedule your initial consultation today. 

The Healthy Living Workshop

The Healthy Living Workshop is designed for groups and require 100% commitment. Workshops need a certain amount of attendees and if they do not fill up they will be postponed till a later date. 

Workshops occur once a month, are one to three hours long depending on the topic and subjects such as, 


Popular diets such as keto, paleo, raw food, or other
Exercise such as yoga, tai chi, running, or other

The benefits of workshops are many giving you an opportunity for group and peer support, to develop new friendships, share experiences with others, and so much more! There are no workshops scheduled at this time. Check back soon! 

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