Aromatherapy & Herbs

Aromatherapy and herbs can help people achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle. This page is dedicated to providing information and resources on aromatherapy and herbs. 

NEW! Fertility Massage Oil

A proprietary blend of select essential oils

specific for fertility & conception. 
Free shipping.


NEW! Stress Relief Massage Oil 

A specialized blend of essential oils specific for relieving stress. Use as a massage oil two to three times a day. 

Free shipping. 


"I love the stress relief. I ordered one on Monday, used it at work, and immediately ordered a second bottle for home. When I got home I massaged my husbands neck, temples, and upper back. He loved it. He said he could feel the warmth and calming right away. I said, "That's exactly that’s why I bought another bottle." At work I used it on my wrist and loved it! I give this product 5 stars"


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